We are a guild "Ojisan's Game Party [OGP]" centered on GameFi. We are engaged in a wide range of activities, such as planning a lot of fun things and supporting the operation in partnership with projects.


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About OGP

Ojisan = Uncle or middle in English. Of course, there are no age or gender restrictions, and everyone participates in a friendly atmosphere.

Our guild is still developing and growing slowly in this area. There's a reason for this, rapid growth comes with fatigue for both operators and users. It is a way of thinking that clears negative factors by gradually maturing the foundation of the organization.

By collaborating and facilitating the proper functioning of the ecosystem of various projects, we aim to be an essential guild to satisfy our users.

It's easy for beginners to join, and it's not a stuffy community that even advanced users are tied to.

Ultimately, by joining our guild, we would like to provide an environment where you do not feel the fear of unemployment, and create an environment where you can earn money, and provide support that enriches your life itself.